Gold & Ashes is a photo series that aims to bring dignity and honour to the true stories of the Grenfell community shot by a bereaved member of the community, photographer and creative director Feruza Afewerki.

This project refocuses the lense on the heart of the matter: the memories of those we lost, the stories of those who love them and those who were impacted by the tragedy.

This photo book aims to highlight the humanity and courage of this beautiful community by sharing survivor stories and intimate memories of loved ones. The photographs and stories documented over the next year will be a part of an exhibition hosted in time for the third year anniversary.

We’re a team of volunteer collaborators with a personal connection and commitment to this project. We know that a project as complex and nuanced as this means we could never tell the whole story but the stories of the innocent lives that ended that night continue to inspire us to honour and document their memories and the dignity of those who are fighting to make change.

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