The Gold & Ashes team is a collaborative team of volunteers and creatives who bring their heart and minds into their work.

Feruza Afewerki


Feruza is the Creative director for Gold & Ashes, after losing her sister and their family in the Grenfell tragedy, she wanted to help rewrite the narrative around Grenfell and rehumanise the tragedy through photography. Her vision for Gold & Ashes was to create a space for the families who lost loved ones and homes to share their stories.

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Hermine is the project manager for Gold & Ashes and a Graduate Project Manage by profession, involved in both delivery and closure of projects. Passionate about young people, culture, and technology, today one cannot exist without the other. Hermine’s passion has seen her work with Inspiring the Future and LEAP. Hermine enjoys exhibitions, the outdoors, reading and travelling. ”My principle reason for getting involved are her memory of the aftermath of Grenfell and the community that came together like never before thereafter.”


paula bernal


Paula is the Graphic designer for Gold & Ashes, and is also a Graphic designer and Art director.

“I feel it is important to be contributing to the legacy of those who are no longer here. Through Feruza I am personally connected to people were lost in the fire and my hope is that this project will uplift spirits through the stories shared. I also believe in this project to be something healing”



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Candour Creative are the team behind the videos shared in the Gold & Ashes series. Zac and Ben make up this powerful duo who are passionate about telling authentic stories. “For us this tragedy felt quite distant, which gave us room to speculate and be influenced by the loudest voices. Having taken a small step closer a different narrative becomes clear.” We collaborated initially to create the video for our crowdfund and have since joined to collaborate on a film alongside the photo series.


Fauzia Amao


Fauzia is the Editor for Gold & Ashes, a Tunnel Engineer by profession and has worked on a wide range of major UK infrastructure projects. Passionate about developing the next generation of exceptional talent, Fauzia has supported a wide range of initiatives from religious, cultural and identity-orientated programmes to career events and STEM outreach e.g. the 'Same But Different' campaign and FOMWA UK. Outside of work, Fauzia enjoys spending time with her growing family, reading, travelling and channeling creativity through graphics design



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Tara Leigh is a documentary photographer passionate about telling visual stories and fostering community. She now lives in LA but has been a key part in shaping the creative strategy of this project. As part of Gold & Ashes photoseries, Tara shot the first story for Gold & Ashes photo series of Feruza Afewerki which will be featured in the Gold & Ashes photo book. “There is something that binds all of us together and I use my photography to highlight that connection through the exploration of our unique and profound stories. I want to share the untold stories and make the far and un-relatable seem close and permanent and real.”


Yetunde Animashaun


Yetunde is the mental health coordinator for Gold & Ashes, passionate about helping people – whether it’s well being, exercise, fostering an environment of support or coaching. “I believe this project exemplifies hope and restoring beauty from the ashes. My hope for this project is healing, hope and restoration for the Grenfell community. Proceeds made through this photo series will be channeled into mental health and well being initiatives which is vital for the road to healing.”

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Errol Donald

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Errol Donald is creative and cultural consulatant who has been helping shape the leadership and direction of this project. Supporting Feruza in this journey and creative direction. Errol is a creative director and cultural consultant with a passion for cultural exchange, education and youth advocacy. He is also the founder and Director of Mindspray, a creative platform established to preserve, celebrate and share cultural narratives, and currently hold leadership posts within the academic, cultural and creative sectors.


safiya rand


Safiya is overseeing the production and print design of the Gold and Ashes photo book. She also works as a digital print operator, graphic designer and illustrator. “Grenfell is not far from my house, so many lives and families are being destroyed. My hope for this project is that it will help uplift peoples hearts”

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cheyenne dwyer-MCDOWALL


Cheyenne is the social media manager for Gold & Ashes, passionate about justice being served - this has been through joining initiatives and supporting those in need. “I am involved in this project because it seeks to keep the focus on the lives lost and restoring hope within the Grenfell Community. My hope is that the lives lost will be dignified and the bereaved can receive healing through trauma aftercare but also through this project knowing their loved ones stories are being heard.”


marie kathrin


Marie Kathrin is curating the exhibition that will be taking place in Summer 2020, as we launch the Gold & Ashes photobook. Originally born in Germany, she has worked at V&A as the Assistant Photography curator. She is passionate about justice and making the arts accessible, which she believes has an important role in shaping culture.